Who We Serve

Lifetime Partners.


Our clients deserve and receive prompt, courteous and professional service. When you call Cutter Advisors Group you will not have to sit through a recorded commercial or an endless menu of options. During normal working hours your call will immediately be answered by a live receptionist who will direct your call to the appropriate person. Accepting a new client into the practice has both rewards and associated costs in terms of time and energy. If we take you on as a new client it is because we have made a serious commitment to your financial success and expect to work with you and your family for many years to come.

Learn about the types of people with whom we work.

Families Planning for the Future

Who doesn’t believe that if they just had more money their life would be a lot less stressful?

Unfortunately, with increasing wealth come new issues, decisions, and responsibilities. Many of our client families have recommended our team to other family members – both older parents and younger children. Often it is helpful to have a respected non-family partner to guide discussions about critical family financial decisions.

This multi-generational approach can be a huge relief when a family member passes unexpectedly or when the surviving members are dispersed geographically. Your financial advisor serves as the central point of contact to get questions answered and problems resolved.   

Approaching Retirement and the Recently Retired

When you picture your retirement you probably do not envision yourself sitting in front of the TV, monitoring each new day’s “crisis” in fear of how it will impact your financial future. No one wants to live like that.

The most difficult part of our job is when someone waits too long before they get serious about retirement planning and we have to tell them that their dreams are unrealistic and unachievable. The five years before retirement and the first five years into retirement are critically important because the decisions you make in that time frame have a huge impact on the rest of your life. It may be your dream to retire and travel the world, but if you are constantly concerned about your financial security that dream is spoiled.

Let us help you establish realistic goals and the plan to achieve them so that you can make the most of your retirement years.

Business Owners

Business owners need to have advisors who understand their concerns. Cutter Advisors Group is a business so we understand the complexities and issues that come with owning your own business. We have to plan our growth, plan our financing, deal with an ever-changing regulatory environment, work with outside vendors, and occasionally have to put out a fire or two. Throughout the years we have acquired other financial practices and have developed business succession plans.

All this really says is that while you know your business best, we have had to deal with many of the same issues you deal with. We can provide support that is based on experience.

Wealth Accumulators

Your hard work and focus are starting to pay off. You are serious about accumulating wealth, are committed to saving, are beginning to accumulate a significant portfolio, and need to start making some important financial decisions. “Winging it” is no longer an option. Smart people understand the value of unbiased, experienced, professional advice.

Your Cutter Advisors Group financial advisor will lay out your strategic options, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, and help you make good decisions to keep moving forward and avoid the missteps that could set you back financially for years.


At Cutter Advisors Group we encourage both spouses to take money management seriously and to fully participate in the financial planning and portfolio management process. We also realize that in many families one spouse generally takes the lead. If that person dies or becomes incapacitated, the other spouse is often put in the uncomfortable position of having to make decisions they feel unprepared to make.

This is when having a long-term, trust-based relationship with a family financial advisor can be of great comfort. We have been through these circumstances many times and can offer the comfort and reassurance that you need to face the decisions that lie ahead.