Protecting Your Future


Financial decisions should not be driven solely by their tax implications, but taxes can have a profound impact on your bottom line, therefore we must take the ever-changing tax law into consideration as we strive to achieve your financial goals. Using tax free and tax deferred investment strategies, and being strategic about distributions can all reduce your overall tax burden.

Have you ever considered that gifting the same dollar amount to two children who are several years apart in age may be “equal” but isn’t “equivalent?” What is your plan for passing assets to your beneficiaries? Central to our multi-generational, client family perspective is establishing and monitoring an appropriate estate plan. Transferring assets to your heirs or charitable organizations, regardless of the size and composition of those assets, can have serious tax ramifications if not handled properly. Simple steps can save your family from unexpected and avoidable grief.

Please consult your accountant or tax advisor for personalized tax advice.