What Makes Us Different

Listen. Educate. Advise.


Our mission is to help clients who are serious about money management to build their wealth, take income while protecting their assets during retirement, and ultimately to efficiently transfer their assets to their designated beneficiaries. We do this not by selling products, but by using our combined knowledge and specialized experience to help our clients find real opportunities to improve their financial position and avoid costly mistakes.

Three principle values set our firm apart.

We Listen.

We believe that our best investment is the time we spend listening to our clients. Our advisors do not have a pre-set agenda. It is inappropriate to discuss financial products until we have assessed the client’s financial goals, priorities, and concerns. A strategy that makes perfect sense for one client may be wrong for another. We look at the big picture to focus our energies where they are needed most.

We Educate.

We don’t just tell clients what they should do; we take the time to explain why it is appropriate and how it will help them achieve their financial goals. Our clients understand what they own and why they own it. Our emphasis on client education is how we distinguish ourselves as true strategic advisors rather than product salespeople.

We Advise.

Our advisors sleep well at night because they know that they have done the very best they can for their clients. Addressing your needs is our top priority.

Those clients who contact us before making any major financial decisions derive the greatest benefit from their relationship with our firm. In many cases we are able to help them take advantage of an opportunity that they did not know existed, or avoid a mistake that could have had long-lasting negative ramifications.