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When you become a client of Cutter Advisors Group one of our financial advisors will be the lead advisor, the “point man” so to speak. However, it is important to understand that your lead advisor is a member of a multi-advisor team. This is important for two reasons.


The team’s advisors truly work together, sharing ideas, discussing strategies, focusing their energies on different aspects of providing a complete spectrum of financial knowledge. While we all share the same vision of putting client needs first and what that means in terms of “best practices”; as a client, you benefit from the combined knowledge and expertise that only a team of advisors can bring to the table.


If anything were ever to happen to your lead advisor, there is a succession plan in place and service to your family would continue uninterrupted and uncompromised. 

Who you choose to be your family’s financial advisor should not be based on whether their office is just down the street, or if their broker/dealer has spent millions of dollars on TV advertising. It should be based on qualities that have a real impact on their ability to do the job for you. Two common misconceptions are that, 1) all financial advisors know pretty much the same things, and 2) the number of years in business is a good indicator of an advisor’s level of knowledge and expertise. We disagree.

Choosing your family’s financial advisor just may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Misplaced trust can be financially devastating. Just ask the victims of Bernie Madoff. Your family’s financial advisor should be intelligent, articulate, have experience and a history of success, and should truly care about you.


Your financial advisory team is supported by an experienced, professional staff which includes administrative personnel, operations specialists, a dedicated trading desk, and outside business consultants.

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  • With Bank Failures Complicating An Anomaly-Filled Post-Pandemic Recovery, Here's Help

    With Bank Failures Complicating An Anomaly-Filled Post-Pandemic Recovery, Here's Help